Winmarket Electronic Co., Limited is a one-stop PCB & PCBA solutions provider, offers services of PCB producing, PCB assembly, components sourcing, stencils and PCBA testing, and helps to simplify your job, improve your efficency and focus on your strength.Also,we develop consumer electronic products,like headphones,humidifiers,Essential Oil Diffuser and so on.We have advantage as we produce PCBA parts by ourself,so the cost will be controlled very well.

At beginning, we were founded as a PCB factory in 2012, after then, more and more of our existing PCB customers asked us for fully Assembled Printed Circuit Boards delivered to take away all the time consuming stress of component procurement and assembly. In order to meet customers' requests and market developing trends, we developed into a one-stop PCB & PCBA solutions provider with all related services.After then,as to satisfy market,we develop some consumer electronic products,like headphones,humidifiers......and get many orders from customers.

Winmarket Electronic has UL certificates and ISO 9001, so all the products we produced are quality guaranteed with ISO and UL standards. Under such quality guarantees, our PCBA products are widely applied in many industrials, such as Industrial Control, Security System, LED & lightning, Medical Facilities, Power Supply, Computers and Communications. The UL certificate of power supply thick copper PCBs is available, too.

We don't have MOQ reqeust for both PCBA and consumer electronic products.We are openning a few online stores,so we have all itmes in stock.

Winmarket Electronic is always having an open mind and listening ears to learn your ideas, willing to work with you on a mutual beneficial basis to achieve bilateral success.

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